Appointments at Sundridge Medical Practice

Dear all,


  1. SMP is open Monday to Friday every week for consultations, from 8am to 7pm.The surgery has been open throughout the pandemic period
  2. Our priority is to provide the very best service to our patients, and ensure we can keep patients and our practice staff safe at all times. This involves managing the care of patients appropriately to ensure those with Covid symptoms are not coming into contact with those who do not have Covid symptoms in our premises.
  3. We are seeing patients, face-to-face when this is needed subject to availability to appointments. Receptionist will screen patients for any Covid symptoms, and if positive such patient would be given only telephonic appointment first.
  4. We are seeing all children up to 18 years old irrespective of their Covid vaccination status. If they are suspected of Covid infection (have symptoms or have been advised to isolate due to contact with someone who has Covid) then they are advised to get a PCR or LFT test prior to coming to the Surgery
  5. All patients who are waiting to have their Covid vaccinations or have not yet had their Covid vaccination, are given a telephone consultation first.  Depending on their clinical need, the duty doctor will then decide if they need to be seen face to face.
  6. We are not running an active Covid facility and therefore patients with Covid symptoms are advised to get tested and seek help on the telephone for their symptoms
  7. Patients with positive PCR are given telephonic advice only and signposted if the symptoms deteriorate.
  8. To protect yourself, and those around you, we strongly recommend that adults and eligible children receive the Covid vaccination. Should you wish to discuss this further, we will be happy to do so, please get in touch.


We assure you that we are looking after the interest off ALL our patients and place utmost importance on minimising the risk of Covid positive patients mixing with non-Covid patients in our waiting room.


Practice Manager